Spring Transition Pieces

We've officially hit that awkward time of year when the weather goes from 40 to 65 and back 40 just to toy with our emotions.

Here are a few staples that will help you transition into Spring without breakin' the bank.

1. Leather Jacket: This is my Holy Grail staple piece. I have four leather jackets that I love wearing in all seasons! This one is a nice neutral that works for both Winter and Spring.

Shelby Hall Favorites-0024.jpg

2. Long Sleeved Shift Dress: Look for a dress made of a light, airy material like chiffon with long sleeves. The long sleeves will add a little more coverage on cool days without adding bulk, but the fabric will still breathe on warmer days. You can shop this one here.

Shelby-Shelby-0065 (1).jpg

3. Midi Jumper: These are great for days when I want to look like I have my life together but don't want to try. This jumper is a step up from jeans and a tee and adds some femininity. Perfect when the weather can't make up its mind because you can throw a tee or sweater underneath it!

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