Father's Day On The Farm

I've been wanting to shoot some photos at my parents' place for awhile—mostly because I wanted my dad to get in front of the camera. Father's Day seemed like the perfect time to share the whole set with y'all. My parents' land is special to me for a few reasons:

1. My dad sold his cattle in Arizona to buy this property(mama picked it out) and he built our house from the ground up.

2. The land is a physical symbol of my parents silencing fear and really stepping out on their own, two thousand miles from any family or friends. 

3. When we left Arizona, the horses came with us. Riding and working with horses has always been my way of bonding with my dad since I can remember.

I've never known anyone who is better with a horse than my father. It's in his nature. He demands respect and really has no fear.  In 2008, his horse had an aneurysm while he was roping cattle and rolled over twice before landing on my dad's leg. My dad was pinned under the horse and suffered pretty severe injuries. The recovery was long, but as soon as the doctor gave him the green light, he was back on a horse. I admire his perseverance. I admire his heart. I admire the time and energy he has expended to polish his craft. Not many people can take command of a two thousand pound animal and make it go to work. Thank you for teaching me the ropes and still swinging my saddle over the horse for me, pops. :) 



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