image by: Eunice Beck


Hi, my name is Shel, and I'm a content creator based in Nashville, Tennessee. I entered the creative workspace as a freelance model in 2015. Since then, I have transitioned into social media marketing and content creation for fashion and lifestyle brands. 

What services am I offering?

  • Mood Board Ideation

  • Location Scouting 

  • Photography & Set Styling

  • Modeling & Casting

  • Editing & Retouching

  • Implementation Strategy and Influencing

What qualifies me to offer these services?

  1. I have an advanced degree. You might be thinking “Wait...a graduate degree in public does that align with content creation?” Graduate school not only prepared me for success in my specific concentration, but also in a few general areas:

    • Project Management: Multi-tasking...attempted by many, mastered by few. Content creation is a multi-faceted process that requires the creator to manage ideation and execution on a deadline while ensuring quality is not compromised.

    • Oral Presentation: Communication is a major key—DJ Khaled has confirmed it. The creator has to be able to understand brand guidelines and offer innovative concepts that highlight the brand vision and voice.

    • Written Presentation: Making sure the fine details are not lost in translation. The creator must be able to delineate all of the services that will be fulfilled and provide a reasonable timeline for completion.

  2. I’ve created my own content and seen successful engagement.

    • Shortly after starting graduate school in 2014, I modeled for boutiques and brands to earn extra money—graduate school wasn’t enough to keep me busy. 

    • I created a new Instagram account in 2015. I worked tirelessly to network with photographers and brands in Utah, and eventually gained the interest of national and global brands. The content I produce is used for social media, blog posts, promotional newsletters, e-commerce, and print ads.

  3. I work in marketing for a beauty brand in New York City.

    • KPIs, ROI, copywriting, social media strategy, art direction, branding, budgeting, project management... you know the drill. New York City marketing is fast paced and requires a special level of dedication. The content creation and social media strategy I apply to this brand has proven successful. The brand's social media accounts have grown by 85% in just nine months and engagement has increased by 150 percent.